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  Inside Out.

The Master Of Destinies Success Coaching and Training
is a curriculum consisting of a series of online courses and virtual live events.

These courses and events are designed to fast track your ability to transform your life and create significant wealth.

It's development began in 1998 with live training events and conference calls designed to assist entrepreneurs in overcoming the obstacles of success.

It quickly became obvious that what was holding people back was primarily psychological in nature. Limiting beliefs, illogical fears, a negative self image, a lack of understanding how to manage ones emotional state, the lack of awareness of how ones own emotional state impacts others, a lack of direction, goals, certainty and self confidence.

In other words, if people can't get the mental game of success and leadership right, nothing else matters. This realization is the genesis of our Master Of Destinies Curriculum.

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The M1, 17 Day Personal Prosperity System- Home Study Program

Take a journey behind the scenes of your own perceptions. Watch as your mind seeks to construct- and continues to reconstruct- a "reality" based on your worst fears, self-doubts and self-limiting beliefs.

Transforming your life is not only easy, it's actually effortless. However, this is only true if you can see through the illusions of your own mind to the possibilities that exist.

While technically easy, this process does take courage and a willingness to engage in the content and exercises contained with the curriculum and a willingness to engage more deeply into your own life.

In the 17 Day Personal Prosperity System we focus on six mind transcending topics. These topics are:

1. The Six Higher Faculties Of Mind
2. Internal vs External Reality
3. The Sixth Sense Zone
4. Collapsing The Field
5. Love And Gratitude Compass
6. Seeing The Subliminal

For a limited time, with your purchase of M1, you will also receive our Quantum State Coaching as a free gift.

Master Of Destinies M7 contains:

1. Know For Yourself
2. Departure
3. Decision
4. Action
5. Foundation
6. Sovereignty
7. Influence

These elements make up our home study curriculum.

This 7 part program is delivered through our Beyond Freedom Evolution home study course:

Know For Yourself

M7 also includes the recorded content from the first of each of our live events:

M4 Foundation Live, an intensive one day communication workshop.
M2 Sovereignty Live, an intensive wealth creation master class.
M3 Influence Live, an intensive masterclass on advanced personal development concepts.
This is a robust course that is designed to be your companion on your road to greater levels of success throughout your life.

Master Of Destinies M7 Fast Track contains both the complete M1 and M7 programs, but when purchased together you save $625.

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Things you need to know.

1) when you purchase any or both of these products you will get my "Empowered Living Coaching Package. This an unlimited number of 15 min coaching sessions to ensure that you are applying the knowledge to your life.

The Empowered Coaching Package has regurlar monthly meetings (via zoom) to allow us both to make sure we are assisting each other. Your success becomes my success. 

When you make a payment, the money will be held in Pay Pal for 7 days. During this time you may cancel at any time (no reason required) but it does incur some bank fees.

Access to the Portal will be available after this period of time.

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