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Do you desire to Live your life from the income of your part-time Business?

How to have a full-time income, with part-time hours.

The Resource Centre will give you all the resources, training and business model that will allow you to "need to create a full-time income with part-time hours."

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This is me. Bruce Ross and this is my gratitude gift to those who wish to make a fulltime income, with parttime hours.

 Hi and thank you.

You are here for a reason. When I was starting in the online business world, I failed repeatedly. As I repeatedly say, there is no secret to success.

The how to is available everywhere. The information here is already in existence. I have just put it all in one place.

It's the How.

But it's the WHY that transforms knowledge into action.

You need a WHY that is strong enough to overcome your obstacles.

You will need to go from "it would be nice" to where "it is happening",

no matter what it takes.

This is my gratitude gift, as this information changed me. The pathway is illuminated.

I’ve discovered this:

Most people love the idea of having money, but they refuse to do what’s necessary to get it.

Essentially, they are interested in money but not committed to making it.

My first mentor shared this idea, and it has stayed with me ever since.

If you are interested, you will only focus on doing what is easy and convenient.

You will let your limiting beliefs, fears, and excuses define you and defeat you.

But a committed individual…? Someone who is committed will do whatever it takes to achieve their financial goals.

The information is available in the resource Centre that can give you a road map to follow.




It is up to you to follow the path.

"Success Secrets."

Allow me to express my gratitude to all those who share their success.

I believe that to succeed in the competitive online business world, there is a journey to be made.

At least there was for me.

I am incredibly grateful to the people who share their knowledge so readily.

However, knowledge is only part of the answer.

It's learning how to apply that knowledge to be of benefit to you.

To be effective in all areas of life, it's the application of that knowledge that is important.

I call this process the Journey of Becoming.

I do not believe there are any "secrets to success".

The road has been well travelled and illuminated by so many people who have shared the process.

From my perspective the road less travelled requires you to understand that it requires a GOAL (your Why, and WHY it matters), a belief in your skill (agency, which says I am willing to learn) and a clear pathway.

The resource Centre will do that for you.

You may feel like you work SO hard, but your income never improves enough to build up savings or be able to invest.

Every time you get ahead, you may feel like something comes along and wipes out all the progress you've made.

You may even want to believe that earning a lot of money is a mystery you will never figure out. In short, it may feel like you'll never achieve the financial freedom and peace of mind you truly desire.

Nothing is a secret about earning a high income, developing more confidence, and becoming a millionaire.

So, who is the resource centre for and what will it do for you?

Whilst age is no barrier, my business primarily works with people who have a Why?


Because I am one of those. It's for those who have an interest and a desire to create an online business that will look after them financially.

You will have a reason.

A why that will be your Keystone Goal.

Finally, a process that will allow you to create a six-figure income, with part-time hours.

The resource centre will give you Knowledge and Skills.

 Mindset: Business: Marketing Training.


The business Vehicle.

Financial Freedom.

A desire for a full-time income with part-time hours.

The resources inside the members area are designed to assist you in your search for a solution.

These resources are designed to help you move.

To move from where you are, to where you want to be.

They are focused on the psychology of the mind.

They will give you everything you need to decide.

The gap between belief and knowing is certainty.

You will be certain.

Comfort is the enemy of change.

Your best thinking has gotten you to where you are.

To get to where you want to be requires an upgrade.

Intentional learning is required.

Intentional Action.

Once you have perused the information you will know that what you think is what you are.

Knowledge plus vehicle. 

Equals shortcut.

The first stage of any journey is to have the map.

The second part is to have a reason to go there.

It's better to go in style.

Like many mature age people are doing, there is a growing number of people aged over fifty who have started a business, with mature-aged entrepreneurs launching their business's daily. Seniors (over 50) have found a new way to retire—by becoming internet entrepreneurs.

Not all of them, but the numbers may shock you.

According to a recent study, one in five people who remain working past age sixty-five are self-employed.

This number does not include—and in fact exceeds the number of—

independent contractors older than sixty-five. 

That’s the good news.

Many of those businesses are the traditional bricks and mortar type businesses with commitments to a location.

Buying a business system (franchise) is extremely popular.

Also, expensive.

Not only could I not afford that, but I also wanted, and have achieved, a work/ life/ income balance that is flexible.

It's online, and I can do it from wherever I want.

From my perspective, what had gotten me to where I was, well that was my best thinking.

I knew that to have a different result, I had to think differently.

I had to be different.

                        Problem                                   or                             Solution.

Take Mary, who worked remote fly in fly out work, created a very profitable and time efficient business when she was in her Sixties'.

Or Myles — who’s in his late fifties, closer to Sixty — went from almost bankrupt to now having total financial freedom for him and his family. (With the most certainty he’s ever had).  

Adam was stuck in the “rat race” of corporate life – with a TON of credit card debt and loads of self-doubt. Now in his sixties, he is debt free and travelling the globe, with a portable income.

After a successful 35-year career in the public service, Julie was ready to leave her job but didn't want to retire.

If you are ready to leverage yourself to greatness and achieve giant results, you have the right road map in your hands.

You have before you the DNA of your future.

All you need to create a wonderful future for yourself is to read the information, decide how you are going to apply it to your own life, write out a plan, and then go forth with enthusiasm and make it happen.

Our mission is to help you find what really lights you up, provide a vehicle to make it happen, and the “who not how” to create the results you need to live it.
It’s essential to know where you're going, but it’s also important to first know where you're starting from.

                                         Any strategy for success involves pruning.

To focus on where you want to go, you must decide what you will leave behind.

We are not pioneers.

The pathway has been illuminated.

I wish to shorten the runway for people.

To assist to help overcome your biggest frustration and challenges.

                         To suggest easy to understand workable solutions.

To provide the backup knowledge to support you.

To be your empathetic witness.

To be your accountability partner.

Are you looking for a solution?

The resource centre is designed to give you the space to learn, to develop, and to understand different ways of thinking. (Well, it was what I had to understand.) 😊👌

A decision can only be made on correct knowledge.

How about you?

There is no financial $uperman who is going to figure out your finances for you until the game is over.

We are all responsible for building our money dams as high as we can, and it is never too late to get started.

There is, and only ever will be, one Wealth Equation which is Earn > spend.

If you simply earn more than you spend every month for the rest of your life, you will always be wealthy because you will never run out of financial resources.

It's as simple as that. Age is no barrier.

The only thing all wealthy people have in common is that they know they are worthy of, or deserve, financial wealth and that they will take good care of it.

They are not smarter, more educated, luckier or greedier than anyone else – they simply view money as an asset, not as income, that can grow into more money over time.

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Choose to find the right information.

Choose the right intentional learning.

Choose to be in ACTION.


The FUTURE SELF CONNECT TOOL is intended to help you write letters from your FUTURE SELF. The goal is to fully embody your FUTURE SELF. Complete the tool by following each step:

• Step 1: Give yourself 30-minutes of uninterrupted flow + play + connection = fun.

• Step 2: Get into a quiet environment where you can visualize, even if it’s just your car.

• Step 3: Put your phone on airplane mode or leave it away.

• Step 4: Either silence or focus music of some sort (I prefer Zen Piano on focus@will).

• Step 5: Relax… Close your eyes. Take 10 deep inhale and exhalations. Totally relax.

• Step 6: Keep your eyes closed. Smile. Let out a big breath.

• Step 7: Choose a timeframe: For now, let’s go 3-years into the future. Specify the exact date.

• Step 8: Where are you? Describe the context. Describe where you are and what your normal day looks like. Describe the key people you interact with each day. Describe who they are and what they’re up to, and the connect you have with them.

• Step 9: Describe yourself (remember…. This is your “future self” … but for now, this is YOU, since you are in this future context). Who are you? What are you about? Describe your attributes. Describe who you are, what you do, and what you’re focused on.

• Step 10: As your FUTURE SELF, what would you say to the “you” of 3 years ago?

As your FUTURE SELF, tell the “you” of 3 years ago the most important moves they could make right now, and key steps that will make the biggest difference.

I have found this to be a fantastic way to reinforce your new identity...except I treat it as a story book for children.

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