Why Join the Members area?

Firstly it is FREE. More importantly it will provide a wealth of information. If you are the type of person who is asking the question
Who can help me, then I might be your Who.

In this area you will find a range of information PDF's that cover a wide range of knowledge that I have and continue to use. 

I have designed this area to cover two areas.

Section one covers education that can assist you in any area of life.

The second area is primarily business focused. It is beneficial for all types of business.

My intention here is to give you so much useful and applicable information that enables you to make progress and feel pretty darn good…

So much so that at some point it will become self-evident to you that the Process can do wonders for your experience of life.


My goal is to make the next twelve months the promised year you’ve been looking for.

The Journey of Becoming is the fundamental key to success. Success in any area of your life that you desire to change.

Many of us, myself included have struggled to find the way forward. This process will give you the road map to follow.

 A Free Presentation on How to build Your own Personal leadership and Coaching Business.

As an underfunded potential retiree, I have found this to be a great solution.

Are you interested in adding to your income, and investing 10 to 15 hrs. per week?


The action of using a lever to gain grater benefit.

The power of leverage is how gearing can improve your outcome. We leverage a little to get a home for example. We can also leverage other people information to our advantage. we don't need to reinvent the knowledge.

We just need to learn how to APPLY the existing knowledge base.

I investigated my future and KNEW I was an underfunded potential retiree. I was looking for an income solution that I could do with limited time and maximum reward for effort.

I understand for many that age is a factor, particularly prevalent when looking for alternatives. This industry loves to work with people who have had life experiences. Experience has value. Knowledge can be shared.

What gives a business idea its value?

Looking at any business is not to look at what it is, but what it can be for you.

Seeing where you fit is the first step. With our proven process of targeting, creating awareness and delivery of the desired outcome is the second stage.