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Success is a strategy. Make the right move.

Ready to create the next chapter in your life?

Throughout my 20 years’ experience in working with people, I have had the chance to see people succeed and people fail, not just getting the job but also in the job.

I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly
how people try to get their next chance in their career and how they succeed or mess up when they get the chance.

What I realised is, which is also true for my story, that if I would have not had people who cheered for me, guided me, sometimes kicked my butt, mentored me and genuinely helped me,
I wouldn’t have achieved what I did so far.

This is the reason I want to pass that knowledge on and help you to get yourself on the right career path or help you to create your coaching and consulting business.
Or simply just being the best, you can be in whatever you are doing.


Whatever can be said in praise of poverty, the fact remains that it is not possible to live a complete or effective life unless one has the financial means. A person develops in mind, body, and soul by making use of things, and society is so organized that we must have money to be able to fulfil our desire to behave the effect of those experiences.

Success in life is becoming what you want to be.

There are three motives for which we live:

we live for the body, we live for the mind, and we live for the soul.

Extract from the book,

The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D Wattles.

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Why I encourage you to Join the members area.

In the book Absolute Happiness, by Michael Domeyko Rowland, he says that there is only one purpose in life.

The purpose of life for all living creatures is to fulfil desires. There is no other purpose. The human body mind instrument is nothing more than a desire filling mechanism.

The reason you choose and create the desire/experiences that you do, is not for the experience themselves, but for the effect those experiences have on you. In the members area you will find many of the Tools of trade that I use to become the next person in my journey. It does require you to apply the knowledge, because information plus application will give you PERSONAL POWER.

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Leadership Development and Coaching.
                  Be : Do : Have
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I began this business because I needed to create a reliable, separate source of income.

Having spent most of my previous life working with people and business, this "felt right."

Having said that, initially I had challenges. like most mid to late 20th Century people, I was faced with challenges of mindset, age set, fear set, whom am I set. In fact, every thought challenge was delivered.

I must be doing something wrong??

 Suddenly, everything began to fall into place. Clients were coming on board, and people were liking my style. Results were happening for those people. I have always been ambitious, so I was looking for better ways to leverage my time and skills. Afterall, I didn't want to spend all my time one to one coaching. I wanted to expand.

What I have found that the BEST use of my skills has been to ensure that what I have learnt can be replicated. 

If you have a desire to LEARN, I can show you how to create a secure, repeatable, and ongoing customer base, and many of those clients will be interested in your business model. It works for me.

The continued growth of this industry, which has been growing exponentially since the 1930s, is due to demand from people looking to find a way forward.

There have been so many books' movies etc. that have all had an impact. People buy books and programs and attend seminars in ever increasing numbers.

An abundance of INFORMATION, but little TRANSFORMATION.

Transformation is the important part of the journey. If nothing changes, nothing changes!

The industry has grown at a rapid pace and there is a continuously growing demand. It's one of the best industries to be involved in, both financially and for personal fulfilment.

As a byproduct of this growth, the use of professional coaching services has grown exponentially. Online coaching is an extremely rewarding career.

So.. if you have ever wanted a business to help others, and feel good about what you do...and be well rewarded for your life experiences


                               Your question should be how do I make it happen for me!

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In the book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Steven Covey, Habit 2 is defined as to start with the end in mind.

So, with that understanding, are you interested in earning an extra $10K p.c.m, by utilising my successful system and structures for creating your own alternative business?

Our process is structured around S:A:M:

This is a philosophy I became familiar with during my work with Indigenous Australians

 S: your story

      A: your Action.

M: Money.

In our structure, we teach you how to craft your story, connect with our online education portal so you earn Money.

We all have life experiences, learnt lessons of success and failure. This is the basis of your story.

My coaching business is developed and works with Habit 7. Yours can also.


However, as you are about to discover, there is a process and a recipe for success. Like everything else in this fast-paced world, the personal and professional development industry is adjusting. Consumers want to see results.

Gone are the days when someone can become a "guru" simply by talking about the law of attraction.

Consumers are no longer looking for "motivational speakers "or books that just make them feel good (or sometimes worse).

They are demanding practical and proven programs that produce results.

Practical, award-winning programs that have a proven history of creating results.

Results driven coaching services is a process that many people are using to gain whatever it is they desire. It creates the way forward.

So why do people still fail to achieve their true potential?

This has been a frustration to those in the industry who create the programs, but as creators they don't realise us average mortals require assistance to go the distance.

There is a definite practice that is used by all the top performers who have created their La Dolce Vita.

They have done the Practice Drill and Rehearse (P.D.R.) philosophy till they perfected their skills.

 practice makes permanent.

To make a change in yourself, you need to understand the 90 days principle.

Change just doesn't happen.

When I was younger thought that the key element to success was determination. 

As I matured, I thought it was education, determination, and mindfulness.

The reality is it takes all of those, but more importantly it takes your vision to make it happen.

Your La Dolce Vita becomes not only the effect, but also the cause.

It allows your intention to be front and centre of your attention.

The Coaching process allows for you, the client, to understand and create the changes internally (your mindset). True Alchemy is about personal transformation.


But Wait. Lets be real here.

So much information is available, but so little Transformation!

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In today's world, there is so much "transactional activity" that we are confusing information with real world Transformation.

There are many people who would love to be a motivational speaker or a best-selling author in this industry.

Many have presented themselves as such and we as consumers have been disappointed.

Disappointed with the product and disappointed with the business opportunity.

Now every industry has some negative aspects, a bit like people really, but you need to know if this industry is for You.

You have to "feel right" about the product and the and the service you offer.

Before you decide on possibility, you need to examine your picture of yourself to see if you are in the right space.

Your success is about how you see your image of you.

To try and change the outward attitudes and behaviors does usually not succeed. 

We need to learn how to examine the basic paradigm from which we flow.

We need a new understanding of how we are who we are, and what creates our underlying operating system.


We need a software upgrade!

What gives you the edge?

Alchemy Coaching:

Alchemy Coaching is based on a philosophy as verbalized in the Book, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

My Alchemy philosophy is founded on a set of principles that guide everything that we do and define what we stand for.

  • Everyone deserves full support

  • A focus on wellness to be at our best

  • There is no substitute for the power of 1:1 personal relationship

  • Understanding the neurology that drives our thinking, our emotions and our behavior

  • Measuring the impact and outcomes of what we do

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Embracing alchemy and letting the magic happen is an action we can all take.

You can create whatever you want when you’re an alchemist.

Observations from the book are worth considering.

What you seek may be back at the start. Fulfil your mission.

It’s the process, not the outcome.

Before momentum, are obstacles and falling on your face.

Your journey matters more than you think.

“When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”
― Paulo Coelho.

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So, if you understand this concept of growth and development, namely:

Dependence: is all about YOU: (you do this for me)

Independence: is all about I:     ( I can do it.)

Interdependence:  We:   Success can be greater together. 


I invite you to visit the members area. In this space you will find information that will answer most of your questions. I also have free resources that I have found greatly beneficial to understanding me.

Yes, you will need to create your own access, and you will receive a few emails as I promote my courses and training packages.

But hey, if you have come this far, you are here for a reason. 

Information gives you the ability to ask better questions.